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Womo x Piuv Ceramic Vase

Womo x Piuv Ceramic Vase

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Womo x Piuv Ceramic Vase

With the Womo x Piuv Ceramic Vase, you will feel the touches that inspire your life!

  • It has been produced by Piuv from ceramics and has been meticulously colored.
  • It has wooden legs.
  • For more specially designed flower pots, you can visit our Flower Pot category.


92' Istanbul /2006-10 Çorlu Commodity Exchange Anatolian High School/2010-2014 Aydın Adnan Menderes University Chemistry/2014-2020 Eskişehir Anadolu University Art History. He continues his Art History researches and productions on the discourse of "Rave", the first use of which with evidence in history dates back to the Middle Ages.

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