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Womo x Type Concrete Flower Pot

Womo x Type Concrete Flower Pot

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Womo x Type Concrete Flower Pot

You will feel the inspiring touches of your life with the Womo x Sex Concrete Flowerpot!

  • It is made of concrete and carefully colored by the genus.
  • It has wooden legs.
  • For more special design flower pots, you can visit our Concrete Flower Pot category.


  • It is produced by hand with a special design.
  • Specially designed concrete.
  • Birch plywood legs.
  • Pot Diameter: 15cm >> 5.9 inches
  • Pot Inner Diameter: 13.4cm >> 5.3 inches
  • Total Dimensions: 22.5x25cm >> 8.8x9.8 inch


He was born on 02.06.1984 in Ankara. Lives and works in Istanbul.
The artist, who uses the nickname 'genus' in the exhibitions he participates in and in the works he produces,
He has a graffiti and art background that he took during his high school years. His graphic design
and after the visual communication design postgraduate education, their production has taken its current form.
One of the cartoon characters he was influenced by in his works at a young age, he met at an early age.
to graffiti culture; It is fed from a spectrum ranging from pop-art to surrealism.
In his works, which are mostly based on a graphic visual language, including city walls,
uses many mediums and techniques.
The forms he calls 'organic', which he has created and which are still evolving within himself.
means. These forms sometimes form a whole, and sometimes

structures that are separated into parts independently. With these forms, which are associated with meat and bone; Actually
to provide the feeling that we do not belong to us, but that we are not strangers, and to build upon this infrastructure.
board aims to present sometimes abstract, sometimes surreal stories and feelings.

Usage Instruction:

  • It is recommended to clean it with a dry cloth or a slightly damp cloth provided that it does not remain wet afterwards.
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