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Womo x Keremardahan Ceramic Vase

Womo x Keremardahan Ceramic Vase

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Womo x Keremardahan Ceramic Vase

With the Womo x Keremardahan Ceramic Vase, you will feel the touches that inspire your life!

  • It was produced from ceramics and carefully colored by Keremardahan.

Kerem Ardahan:

Kerem Ardahan (Ankara, 1983) completed his undergraduate education at Gazi University, Department of Visual Arts Education in 2005, and his master's degree from the Institute of Educational Sciences of the same university in 2008.
The artist has worked as an art director in various movies and commercials until now, as well as designing various products at Punta Design, of which he was the founder, until 2013. Having held three solo exhibitions, Ardahan now continues his art works in his workshop in Kadıköy.
As adults, while we prioritize meeting the expectations of the society in our daily lives, we also need free spaces to feel that we are individuals. On the other hand, we look for the recipe for freedom in the options that the structure we are conditioned offers us; We listen to the voices within us. The artist, who often feels stuck in this dilemma, sometimes points to this situation in her works and sometimes tries to reflect the moods created by the situation herself by dancing in her free space, which she has carried from her childhood to the present.


  • It is produced by hand with a special design.

Usage Instruction:

  • It is recommended to clean it with a dry cloth or a slightly damp cloth provided that it does not remain wet afterwards.
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