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Womo x Monster Ceramic Vase

Womo x Monster Ceramic Vase

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Womo x Monster Ceramic Vase

With the Womo x Monster Ceramic Vase, you will feel the touches that inspire your life!

  • It is made of ceramic and meticulously colored by Monster.


Canavar was born in Ankara in 1990 and completed his primary and secondary education in Gebze. He graduated from Marmara Fine Arts Faculty - Graphic Design Department. Currently, he continues to work in his workshop in Kadıköy, Istanbul.

Continuing her production as a street (mural) artist, Monster, in her art, reflects the traumatic effects of city life and socio-cultural pressures created by family on human psychology; It explores the observations and interrogations of experiences that affect the existence process such as not belonging, marginalization, stuckness, pain and pleasure. He continues his productions by blending various techniques in his workshop and establishes a direct relationship with the public with the murals he made at central points in the city. In addition, he takes part in various group exhibitions and group exhibitions.


  • It is produced by hand with a special design.
  • Dimensions: 31x31.5x6.5cm >> 12.2x12.4x2.5 inch

Usage Instruction:

  • It is recommended to clean it with a dry cloth or a slightly damp cloth provided that it does not remain wet afterwards.
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